Jonathan Groff and Raúl Castillo behind the scenes while filming Looking in Dolores Park, San Francisco (30 september, 2014)



I will never get over the beauty of this shot. How Blaine’s hands are sprawled over Kurt’s back and Kurt’s hand is resting comfortably onto Blaine’s shoulder, how Blaine’s face is taken over by this serene content look, how their faces are basically touching, how in sync they are with their swaying.

This is pretty much the norm with every Klaine dancing scene but this particular scene is powerful because in theory, it shouldn’t be happening. They are broken up and Kurt keeps insisting that they are just friends but here they were, standing in each other’s arm like it’s the most natural thing in the world, because for them, it IS.

They look so peaceful and in their own little world.

This has become an always reblog for me. It’s just so very obvious that Blaine’s in his happy place. When Kurt rests his head on Blaine in Come What May there’s pain in his face because Kurt at that point doesn’t really believe yet. But look at Blaine. He KNOWS. Kurt’s in his arms and he knows.


dry shampooing my way through life

There’s something incredibly special about him.


idris elba looks like how good cologne smells

kevinmchale The 3 of us met each other for the 1st time and got hired for Glee 6 years ago today. Happy 6th Glee anniversary @jennaushkowitz & @hrhchriscolfer love u both…a lot

Mads Mikkelsen for FLAUNT mag.